Alexa’s pillow for anyone wondering :) x send me requests!!!! X

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I’m going to try start posting daily, one or two pics a day too! I’ve been quite busy but I’m kinda free now! I need to post recent outfits of everyone! I have found them already but I haven’t edited them yet! Be expecting another post tomorrow! X #sophiasmith #exacts #exact #bikini #swimsuit

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This isn’t sold out! #exact #exacts

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Kendall x Love Magazine

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Louis’ tweets - 23.07.2014 (x/x)

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@Louis_Tomlinson: Me and the little lad :)

oh god

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@eleanorj92: Maid of Honour and Best Man 💑💕

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:) x

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I CANT BELIEVE 4 YEARS ALREADY PASSED. WOAH. I still remember like march of 2011 my friend showed me the song and I really liked WMYB and I googled them and I liked Liam but then I stayed up watching videos of them and any video that came up in the related videos thingy and then months passed and I started becoming a hardcore fan then I became a Niall girl (still am one) and I just can’t believe they’ve been part of 4 years of my life and I don’t plan of forgetting them ever. I’m going to have a box and fill in with memories And a big part of it will be the boys. I love them sosososososoo much and all the great people I’ve met through them and I love this acc (and the one they hacked😒) and we are an awesome community maybe just a tiny bit jealous and hateful but who cares right?!! Because we are awesome and i can’t wait to see what’s to come! I love you boys with all my heart.

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Needs Headphones
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Anonymous: Hey flo! I love your blog! And happy anniversary of meeting eleanor!!:D I just wanted to know what are some of your wardrobe essentials in your closet? I am going to college and wanted to know what are some things to take with me! Thanks so much!! xx


thank you :) here are some basics el wears / i have found useful in college

  • white button down (cotton or silk)
  • cream jumper / black jumper
  • mid rise indigo jeans
  • high rise black jeans
  • white sneakers (converse, superga, keds)
  • denim jacket
  • olive military inspired jacket
  • black boyfriend coat
  • white tees
  • black circle skirt

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Please sumbit a photo if you want me to find something!
Hello there I am Isabella! Welcome to my page! Here you will be able to find the EXACT outfits of what different people have worn! enjoy! Follow my exact outfit instagram: dresslike-celebs
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